An international airline plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean, so a group of people have to survive on a tropical island.

The passengers deal with the situation in a variety of ways, while Jack and Kate, the main characters, try to bring the group together, others choose to sit and wait for the rescue team that may never come. There is a Chinese couple who don´t speak English and they move away from the group. Another character is a rock star, he tries his best to help but his drug addiction will be a problem for him. He falls for a pregnant woman who worries about the fact that her child may not be able to survive this situation.

We’ll discover their lives, characters and fears since the accident happens. Thre are flashbacks about their past lives.

While they are there, the situation  brings out the best and worst from everyone. But this island hides many secrets, mysterious creatures in the jungle, and different kinds of plants. If they want to stay alive, they must work together, the weather and the weird animals will be a constant problem for them.

Nowadays, “Lost” is very popular, I think it´s a thrilling series like other produced by the ABC. If you liked “Alias” or “Crossing Jordan”, you´ll like this series, they are directed by the same director.


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