The Rutles

Gosh, I thought I was never going to write my first words for the Mieres blog, but see!! with a little patience I am actually doing it. I can not believe my eyes. It is great to say hello to everybody who takes their time to investigate what all this is about. Hopefully it will not be the last time we are sharing ideas and thoughts. Isn’t it superbe to learn from each other?? Well at least I think it is!!!

Well just a quick word (time flies) to say that this weekend I saw this DVD ‘The Ruttles’ which I borrowed from the school’s library. It is a film which takes a look at the pre-fab super-mega FOUR most famous Liverpoolians. A sort of documentary following their career from the sweet early days in Liverpool to their amazing worldwide success. I had a laugh as it is a parody of docs and the perfect antidote to all the Beatlemania seriousness. The sensibility is enormous and songs are surprinsingly Beatle. Really funny!! If you’ve heard of these guys or you are a Monty Python fan or if you just love comedy, you will get a real kick out of this. Certain. Anyway I’ll be signing off. See ya, xx


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