In Good Company

In good company

In Good Company is a worldwide known comedy film directed by Paul Weitz. Released in 2004 and set in New York, it’s a masterpiece of its genre. Dennis Quaid plays the starring role, Dan Foreman who is a prestigious executive in a company; Scarlett Johansson plays the role of Alex, Dan’s eldest daughter, and finally the actor who plays the part of Carter Duryea is Topher Grace.

Dan Foreman, 51, is the director of the publicity department in a sports magazine, Sports America. He leads a perfect life with his two daughters and his wife, who is pregnant. As well as this, he gets on really well with everybody at work. But everything changes when a huge corporation buys the company he works for and he’s forced to replace his actual job for a worse one. The worst thing about it is that his new boss, Carter Duryea, is 20 years younger than him. In spite of his youth, this man is an ambitious and promising executive who is trying to achieve his goal. The relations between these two men grow tenser when Dan finds out that his eldest daughter, Alex who is 18, is having an affair with Carter…

This film is a high quality production since it’s full of realistic dialogues and contains lots of amusing parts. The film stars give a superb performance which makes the film ever more entertaining. Furthermore it shows the ups and downs of the business life which makes us realise that not everything is perfect.

From my point of view, In Good Company is a film with which you can learn a lot while you have a good time. If you like good comedies you shouldn’t miss it. Besides, it can appeal to all ages. I found it really interesting; that’s the reason why I definitely recommend it!


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