Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a pearl earring

The film was directed by Peter Webber in 2003.He is not a well known film director because this has been the first of his films to be shown in cinemas, until then he had only directed films for TV. It is set in Holland in the seventeenth century and it shows how Holland in that century, as the rest of Europe, was divided into two groups of people: the rich and powerful, and the poor and hungry. The majority of the poor were working for the rich.

In 1665 in the city of Delf, seventeen-year-old Griet is the daughter of a ceramic painter who has recently gone blind. She is sent to work as a maid for the painter Johannes Vermeer. After some days Vermeer notices her interest in painting so he begins to teach her about paints and other things related with painting but at his wife’s back.This relationship has consequences for the maid due to the jealousy of wife and daughter.
The main roles at this film are played by Scarlett Johanson and Colin Firth. She is not yet a film star but after this film she will be known all around the world and you can realise that she is going to be one of the most beautiful, well paid-actress in Hollywood in not so far a future.
But otherwise here we have Colin Firth,an experienced actor with with a ten-year-old successful career.

The director in this film is far more interested in images than words because there are very few dialogues during the ninety minutes of film.The most remarkable thing in it is how Peter Webber uses lights and shadows and of course the music to transmit the strained atmosphere among the characters. Another point treated very carefully is the photography which must be mentioned in a very positive way.
The film will not appeal to many people because the action is very slow and if you don’t like historical films I strongly recommend you not to see it because you will find it extremely boring.


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