Laws of Attraction

Laws of Attraction

The film is directed by Peter Howitt. The main stars are Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan and it is set in New York.

Laws of attraction is an hour long film with a plot that is realistic and romantic at the same time. It is about two lawyers in a case of famous stars finding themselves loving each other out of court and hating each other in court.

The film is about two divorce lawyers, Audrey Woods and Daniel Raffery, who like each other but in court hate each other as they both want to win the case. She is very strict and always goes by the book while he is much more easy-going. She is very smart, her mother works for a popular newspaper, always thinking in cosmetic surgery and advising her daugther with her love life, and he is the tipycal guy who doesn’t care too much about his appearence but all women love. The only thing that they have in common is that they both have to be the best lawyers in town no matter their own lives, knowing that they are very attracted to each other.

When they think it is all over, both of them get involved in a public divorce between a rock star and a fashion designer. The bone of contention is an Irish castle of three million dollars that both future divorcees want for themselves. Both lawyers have to go to Ireland to chase down the servants. In Ireland they meet and get lost during the night, they spend the night in the caravan where it is very clear that they like each other but work is work for her.
They arrive at the castle finding themselves in a romantic Irish festival. After a night of drinking and having fun, Audrey and Daniel wake up as husband and wife. She is not happy about it but it is the best for both of them as they have a public case. They decide to live in her flat but in separate rooms until the case is over. Everything goes fine until they get to court where he wins the case because he finds a note from Audrey´s client saying that the star has another castle for his lover and the loving lawyers decide to split.

Again Audrey and Daniel have to go to Ireland as the clients are in the Irish castle and they shouldn’t be there until the case is closed. Once there they discover that they are not married and the clients, now back together again, try to help them to get off with each other.
Finally Audrey and Daniel get married as they can’t live apart from each other.

The film is quite funny and it is a girly film to watch in Sunday afternoon. The plot can happen in real life, and the acting is quite good. I like the two actors because they work quite well together being opposites at work and very attracted to each other in their love lives.

I recommend this film for lovers, romantics and fans of Pierce Brosnan.


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