As Good As It Gets

As Good as it Gets

This film tells a sentimental love story with a comic character (a comedy-romance). The screen-play is very good, although predictable and the soundtrack isn’t the most popular. I don’t remember any special effects.

The story takes place in an American city where the starring role is played by Jack Nicholson who is a neurotic writer that throws his neighbour’s dog into the bin, goes for a walk taking care not to step on the lines of the street and sidewalks, and uses new cuttlery every time he has lunch.
Helen Hunt, the supporting character, is an easy-going young woman whose son is ill. She works very hard in order to get the money to pay the doctor and for the medicine his son needs. She’s a waitress.
Greg Kinnear, the male supporting character, is a painter and Jack’s neighbour. Jack hates him because he is homosexual.

The film is about an obsessive person who has to have lunch every day at the same place, a restaurant where Helen works as a waitress. One day, Helen leaves her job because she must take care of her son, who is ill, and Jack, who needs the same waitress (Helen) every day, goes to look for her. When he finds her, he tells her that he will pay for a private doctor for her son if she returns to the restaurant. So, she feels very grateful and comes back. Then, when he begs her to make a trip with him she accepts because she thinks she is in debt with him. Jack has to drive his neighbour to his parent’s home so that he can get some money because he had been sacked.

Finally, although the painter doesn’t get the money he needed, the writer and the waitress fall in love and Jack, who didn’t like visiting the psychiatrist’s surgery and taking pills for his mental illness, decides to begin a new life and do all those things to get better. Love has won.

In my opinion, this is a funny and sentimental film which I would recommend to everybody who wants to spend a good and relaxing time. It’s a highly entertaining film.


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