The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives is Frank Oz’s remake of the 1975 thriller of the same name. Starred by the worldwide known stars Nicole Kidman, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick and Christopher Walken, more than a thriller this new version is a satirical comedy about the American way of life.

Joanna Eberhart (Nicole Kidman) is a high-powered television executive whose job and life come crashing down when suddenly she is sacked form her job. 

Joanna, her husband, Walter (Matthew Broderick), and their two children move to the idyllic upper-class suburb of Stepford to restart their lives. But something strange is happening in Stepford, life is too perfect there. It’s the wives. They are all like Claire Wellington: beautiful blonde women, perfectly dressed all the time and obsessed with happy homemaking. They never complain and always please their husbands’ desires. Once there, Joanna becomes friends with two other newcomers, the feminist writer Bobbie Markowitz (Bette Midler) and a gay called Roger Bannister, who share her suspicions. Together they try to discover the secret. Are the Stepford wives “real” or are they robots? 

The film is entertaining and contains some amusing parts, but it is the fabulous cast that really sustains the film. Nicole Kidman is very good as she always is and Glenn Close and Bette Midler are also great. Furthermore the film provides a great satire about the American Dream and how ridiculous it could be in the 21st century. 

I recommend you this film for the awful winter days when you don’t have anything better to do. It will make you laugh. 


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