Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite is a high school film directed by Jared Hess and produced by Jeremy Conn, Chris Wyatt and Sean C. Covel in 2004. The film lasts 86 minutes. John Heder (Napoleon) plays the leading role. The premier in Spain was on the 25th February 2005 and in the United States of America on the 11th June 2004. It was released in DVD on the 26th April 2005.

Napoleon Dynamite is the story of an American teenager. Although his life is not enviable at all -he is bullied at school and there is a lack of affection at his home- Napoleon does not seem to be affected by it and goes on with his life trying to do his best to help people around him. He lives with his grandmother, who does not care about her grandchildren and is always with her friends having a good time, and his elder brother, who is lazy, simple-minded and unemployed. One day his grandmother has an accident and she has to be in hospital for some months, so his uncle comes to live with them but he does not help a lot. Napoleon has a new friend, Pedro who is rejected by the most popular girl at school, so in revenge, Napoleon decides to help Pedro to beat this girl in the election for the Student Body President.

Despite its audacity, imagination, and relentless innovation, we are used to and bored by stories about successful American teenagers. The development of the plot is very slow and we get bored to tears. People spend the second part of the film wondering when it is going to finish. It is an occasionally amusing film whose only good feature is the performance of the actors, who manage to make it a bit credible.

If you are thinking of going to see this film, do not expect a brilliantly inventive or an emotionally powerful story because it is a big let-down from start to end. Just watch it and go home thinking about your plans for the next weekend. It is a waste of time and money. In a word, it is eminently forgettable!!


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