Angels by Marian Keyes


Angels by Marian Keyes tells the story of a marriage that didn’t work out and a woman who decided to change her life.

Maggie Walsh is in her thirties; she is married to Paul Garvan and has a proper job in a legal firm. She is Irish and she has another two sisters who live with their parents. Maggie is the perfect daughter as she never does anything wrong until the day she discovers that her husband is having an affair and she gets fired from her job. She decides to run away to LA where she has her best friend called Emily who is surviving as a screenwriter: In Hollywood Maggie starts doing things that she’s never done before being such a responsible and quiet person.

She starts meeting films stars, changing her look, going out until late, getting drunk, she even has an affair with Troy, called as well Human Teflon, who couldn’t have a relationship for more than two days. As well, she meets Laura who is a lesbian and Maggie tries to have a go at it. During this time living in LA, she meets Shay Delaney, an old friend from home that she used to go after before going out with Garv. They meet and they go out, and she realises that all this time in LA and being with Shay, what she really wants is to go back with Garv as he really is her true love.

This book is like sharing your confidences with a friend. It’s a love story, funny and very easy to read.


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