A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Rememer

A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks, is a half romantic half dramatic novel , set in Beaufort, North Carolina.

Some years ago, in the beautiful town of Beaufort, Landon Carter recalls his last year at high school, in 1958. He was the leader of a group of teenagers, which had no ambitions in life, no future plans and no faith in themselves. Landon had dated a girl or two, and he had even been in love once. Surely, Jamie was the last person he thought he could fall in love with. Jamie was the shy, almost ethereal daughter of the town’s Baptist minister; she was destined to show him the depths of the human heart, but also the happiness and the sadness of living.

One night, Landon and his friends decided to have a laugh and make a little mischief, but the prank had an unexpected ending, and Landon is made to help disabled children to participate in the drama club. Landon and Jamie had known each other since they were children but it wasn’t until then that they started a beautiful relationship which became a love story.

Definitely, I recommend this book even if you don’t like this kind of books. Nicholas Sparks knows how to tug at the reader’s heartstrings and most of the books he has written are based on real stories which make you think and reconsider your own life.


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