True confessions of Adrian Albert Mole

The true confessions of Adrian Albert Mole

True confessions of Adrian Albert Mole, is another novel of the bestselling author of the decade: Sue Townsend. More specifically, this is her third book of the Adrian Mole’s series.

It deals with the adventures and worries of a ‘clever’ teenager: Adrian Mole. But it also contains letters from Susan Lillian Townsend’s diary and another girl called Margaret Hilda Roberts whose diary is believed to have been written in the 1930’s.

It’s quite difficult to write a review about this book because it’s a mixture of lots of events in different people’s lives, but I’m going to try to write about the most remarkable happenings.

The book starts when Adrian is telling us how Christmas is celebrated at his home. I think that, because of the things he tells us, his family is quite strange. Adrian is quite peculiar too. He is absolutely in love with Pandora, his girlfriend, and one of the adventures he tells us in the book is when he went to Russia with his father-in-law, Mr. Braithwaite.
The book is also full of speeches that Adrian gives on a radio programme on Radio Four. I think they’re very interesting because you can see the world through a teenager’s eyes, and it is quite fun because, although I’m a teenager too, I don’t have the same thoughts as Adrian has, I mean, he doesn’t seem to be a teenager. He seems to have his aims very clear.
Some of the most important events in Adrian’s life that he tells in the book are: when he writes to the BBC asking them to broadcast one of his poems to Pandora, when he decides to leave his home, when he tells us that he is in love with Sarah Ferguson too, when he gets his first job, etc.

Then you can find the thoughts and worries of Sue Townsend, author of the book. Susan’s diary starts by telling us about her travel to Majorca. I have to say that it is my favourite part of the book because she explains how a foreign person sees our country, and it is very fun and very interesting.
After telling us all the pains she suffered in Majorca, she tells us about the time she had to write for television or about her journey to Russia (in this part, she also talks about her family) and finally, she explains to us why she likes England, some of the reasons she gives us are: because she only speaks English, she likes English weather, she likes the way English people behave, etc.

Lastly, we have Margaret’s diary. In this part of the book, Margaret tells us some of the experiences she had when she was 14 years old, and, like Adrian, she is also quite weird because, for instance, she was expelled from her school for being very competitive and too hardworking. She is believed to have become a successful woman. Her part of the book also contains some letters.

On the whole, I recommend this book because it is very enjoyable and amusing. Moreover it is easy to read because it consists of lots of short chapters. I had a really good time reading Adrian Mole’s adventures.


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