Angels in the Gloom by Anne Perry

Angels in the Gloom

Angels in the Gloom (2005) is the third novel belonging to the World War I series by British author Anne Perry. Besides the other two novels of this series, No Graves As Yet (2003) and Shoulder the Sky (2004), Anne Perry has written other interesting ones, the popular and acclaimed Thomas Pitt’s series or the Williams Monk’s series.

Angels in the Gloom is set in 1916 during the First World War and continues the Reavley family’s search for “the peacemaker”-the responsible for the murder of Reavely’s parents. The action takes place mostly in the Reavely’s hometown of St. Giles but the horror of the war and its consequences are always present through the entire novel. Moreover, the brutal murder of a weapons scientist will alert the Reavley family against the threat from the spies and the traitors.
Angels in the Gloom is simultaneously a thriller, a detective, a conspiracy, a war and a romance novel. In spite of the fact that it is a work of fiction, the author uses some historical facts to catch the reader’s attention. Moreover, the plot is highly believable because of the good author’s research on the First World War history. Although the plot is sometimes a bit complicated, it holds your attention right up to the final page.

From my point of view, Angels in the Gloom is an engrossing and brilliant novel. It is impeccably written and the plot is well developed and well organised. My only reservation about it is that sometimes it is not easy to pick up the thread of the story if you have not read the previous novels. Despite this, it is well worth reading.


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