1- Do you like doing exercise?

2- Do you watch any kind of sport on television?

3- Which is your favourite sport?

4- And your favourite athlete?

5- In your opinion, what kind of sport should be banned?

6- Which is in your opinion the best age to start practising sports?


20 thoughts on “Sport

  1. Mónica

    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    1. I like doing exercise but I have no time to do it.
    2. Yes, I like watching football, swimming and volleyball.
    3. My favourite sport is swimming.
    4. I don’t have a favourite athlete.
    5. All the sports in which there are violence.
    6. I think that it depends on the sport. There are some sports that people should start practising when they are children because when they are older they miss their skills.But other sports in which people must do weight training for example, should be done when children have grown up.

  2. Iris

    1- Yes, but it depends on the kind of exercise. I prefer the ones in which you can breathe normally
    2- No. Only when the olympic games are all time of tv, i watch gymnastics, ice-skating or jumping.
    3- swimming
    4- I dont have any favourtie one.
    5- Those in which animals are killed, or people seriously damaged.
    6- When you are a children so you grow used to it. But providing that your parents don’t force you to do it.

  3. Juan

    Age: 20
    Gender: Male

    1. Yes, I feel good when I do sport.
    2. Swimming, Waterpolo, diving…
    3. Swimming.
    4. I don´t have a favourite athlete.
    5. None of them.
    6. I think in any age we can start practising sport.

  4. Paula

    – 18.
    – Female.
    1. Yes but I don’t do it because I don’t have time.
    2. I like watching Formula 1 or motorbikes races and sometimes I see football or tennis.
    3. Swimming and dancing if it is considered like a sport.
    4. I don’t have a favourite one.
    5. The ones that are based on punching.
    6. When you are 6 years old I think it is a good age to star practising sports because you can have skills that when you grow you lose or is more difficult to learn them.

  5. Anuka

    – 23
    – female
    – yes, but I have to say that I don’t practise it very much
    – Formula 1 because Fernado Alonso is there, and if there’s an important football match I watch it as well.
    – I really like swimming and playing volley ball.
    – I don’t have any favourite athlete.
    – Boxeo could be one of them.
    – when you are a child.

  6. Lorena

    – 30
    – Female

    1. Sometimes
    2. No, I don’t
    3. Swimming
    4. I haven’t any favourite athlete
    5. Violent sports like boxing
    6. All ages are good to start practising sports but depend on what kind of sport

  7. Lydia

    1. Yes, but I don´t have free time at the moment to do it.
    2. I sometimes watch football when I’m with my friends.
    3. I like doing aerobics but I don’t have any favourite sport.
    4. I don´t have any favourite athlete either.
    5. Maybe some kind of boxing because its violence.
    6. I think we all should start practising sports since we’re children. Everybody knows that a balanced diet and practising sport are the two requirements for a good health.

  8. virginia

    – Yes I like it
    – only football and in especial events like olimpic games.
    – I practice fitness
    – I like messi nowadays but tomorrow….
    – I don´t know.
    – I think it is always healthy practice sports

  9. Manuel


    1- yes

    2- when there is a special event

    3- athletics

    4- I don’t have

    5- football

    6- in the childhood

  10. Eva

    1. Yes, I like doing exercise
    2. No, I don’t like watching sports in TV.
    3. My favourite sport is roller skating.
    4. I don’t have a favourite athlete.
    5. Those that involves violence.
    6. It depends on the sport, but I suppose that the best age is when you are a child.

  11. Ana

    1- Yes, walking and cycling
    2- figure skating
    3- I don’t have any favourite sport
    4- I don’t know any athlete
    5- Boxing, I don’t think it is a sport
    6- Any age is good to start a sport (of course according your posibilities)

  12. Adrian

    – 25
    – Male

    1. Yes
    2. Yes, all kind of sports (if there isn’t other program more interesting)
    3. Handball
    4. I don’t have
    5. Violent sports
    6. All ages

  13. Patricia

    1. no, I don’t.
    2. yes, I sometimes watch football and formula 1.
    3. if I have to choose, I will choose football.
    4. I don’t have a favourite athlete.
    5. none of them
    6. all ages are good, but it’s interesting to start practising sports when you are a child

  14. Pablo


    1 – Yes.

    2 – Sometimes, if there is an important football or basketball match.

    3 – Basketball.

    4 – I don’t have any favourite athlete.

    5 – Maybe violent and uncontrolled sports.

    6 – In your childhood.

  15. virginia cosio

    26 female
    2-formula1 and tennis
    3-i like martial arts
    4-i don´t have any
    5-allways they are under controll all the sports are good
    6-all ages

  16. Beatriz


    1- Yes
    2- Yes, tennis, basket, formula 1, gymnastics …. sometimes football
    3- Tennis
    4- I don´t know. I like Carlos Moya, Alonso, Gasol… but I don’t have a favourite one
    5- None
    6- When you are a child

  17. Manu

    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    • Yes, I love it. I go for a run twice a week, play football indoor once a week and practise mountain bike when the weather is good.
    • Yes, I can watch any kind of sport on TV excepting boxing.
    • I like many sports, but if I have to choose only one, I will say football.
    • I don’t know, maybe Fernando Alonso
    • I do not like too much boxing and fighting sports because they are dangerous for fighters. However, I would not forbid them
    • As soon as possible.

  18. Alejandro

    2.All kind of sports
    4.I don’t have a favourite one
    5.None of them
    6.When you are a child(8 or 10 years)

  19. David


    2-almost all
    3-full contact
    4-mirko crocop
    5-all are good
    6-since you are a little child


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