Women and jobs

1. Do you approve of women working out of their homes?

2. Do you believe that men are more capable than women to work?

3. What jobs do you think are more “suitable” for women?

4. And for men?

5. Do you agree that when a man and a woman carry out the same work she earns less money than he?

6. When a wife has a salary bigger than her husband’s, do you think that he should resent it?


22 thoughts on “Women and jobs


    – female
    – Of course.
    – No. Men are genetically stronger but nothing more.
    – Unfortunately and although there is a lot of women in a lot of jobs, bosses always are men.
    – Maybe all kind of jobs.
    – Yes , this is true.
    – Yes, I think so.

  2. Lydia

    – 18
    – Female

    1. Yes, of course. I think women are people the same as men are, so I don’t know why the can not work out home.
    2. Unfortunately, some people think so, but I totally disagree with that.
    3. I think all the jobs can be suitable.
    4. The same.
    5. It depends on the job, but there are some in which this statement is true.
    6. I think that things are changing nowadays and boys are brought up in a different way that they used to. It’s completely normal now that a woman can earn more money than her husband.

  3. Paula

    – 18.
    – Female.
    1. Yes of course, I don’t understand why not.
    2. No , I don’t think so maybe men are stronger but no more.
    3. I think women are capable to do all kind of jobs.
    4. All kind of jobs also.
    5. Yes this is true but I think it is unfair.
    6. Yes, I think so.

  4. Esther

    – 18
    – Female
    1. Of course.
    2. No.
    3. I think a job shouldn’t be suitable for a specific group, but for anyone who wants to do it.
    4. The same answer.
    5. I think it depends on the job, but in lost of cases it happens that way.
    6. I don’t think he should resent it.

  5. Anuka

    – 23
    – female
    – Of course
    – No, the only thing that can be different between men and women is the strength
    – For all of them (if the strength is not very important)
    – Also all kind of job
    – I don’t agree but it’s true
    – Yes,……..

  6. Ana

    1- Yes without any doubts
    2- No, perhaps men and women are qualified for different kinds of work, but it doesn’t mean that men are more capable than women to work
    3- all kind of jobs except they are required a great strengh
    4- all kind of jobs
    5- No, there is no excuse for that
    6- No, It’d mean that he considers himself superior

  7. marigre

    38, female
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Intelectual
    4. Phisical
    5. Yes
    6. It depends on the person. I would like to think no.

  8. Adrian

    – 25
    – Male

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. All the jobs are suitable
    4. All the jobs are suitable
    5. I’m not agree, but it is a reality
    6. It depends of the husbands’ age and his education.

  9. Eva

    1. Yes, I do.
    2. No, it depends on the person not on the gender.
    3. The jobs more “suitable” for women are those in which a lot of physical force is not required.
    4. Those jobs in which more physical force is necessary.
    5. No, I don’t agree. If a man and a woman carry out the same job, they should earn the same salary.
    6. Definitely not. Nowadays, it should be indifferent.

  10. Elena


    1.Yes of course.

    2.Both of them can be equally capable to work.

    3.Nowadays there are few works women can’t do.They don’t usually work at buildings because of being less strong, but some of them are being employed nowadays by builders.

    4.Every job like women.

    5.I suppose there are some jobs that women learn less than men unfortunately.

    6.I don’t think so nowadays, but it depends on the husband.

  11. Patricia

    1. no doubt
    2. no!
    3. all kind of jobs can be suitable for women
    4. the same
    5. yes, she usually earn less money but I can’t understand it
    6. he has no reasons to resent it, it would be irreasonable

  12. Manuel

    1. yes

    2. depends the work, and viceversa

    3. the job they want

    4. the same

    5. depens, if they work as they same level no

    6. why?

  13. Marta

    Age: 18
    Gender: female

    1.yes, of course

    2.No, not at all, women ar as capable as them

    3.For instance, to be a secretary, or nurses..

    4.Maybe miner, jobs which require strenght and muscular

    5.No, its an ofense

    6.no, but it´s depends on the person

  14. Pablo

    1 – Yes of course

    2 – No

    3 – I don’t believe in jobs for men and jobs for women. I think that both are capable to do what they want.

    4 – The same

    5 – Sometimes it’s true, but I think that nowadays this kind of discrimination is disappearing.

    6 – It depends on the person.

  15. Belen

    2- in some jobs yes
    3- almost all of them except the ones where the strengh is the main tool
    4- all of them
    5- totally disagree
    6- yes of course he is the man of the house

  16. virginia cosio

    female 26
    2-not at all
    3 and 4- for me ia doesn´t exist the kind of works that you can classify for genders the only thing you need to do one job is that you want to do it
    5 i don´t agree at all .
    6-i hope that it is a thing from the past.

  17. Mónica


    1. Yes I do.

    2. No.

    3. all jobs can be suitable for women.

    4. The same.

    5. It doesn’ t happen in all jobs, but there are some jobs in which this happens.

    6. No, and if he did it, I would prefer to get divorce

  18. Manu

    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    • Yes, of course.
    • No, I do not agree with that.
    • It depends on the person and on the job, but not on the gender.
    • The same answer t
    • Unfortunately it is true.
    • I don’t think so.

  19. Juan


    1. Yes, of course.
    2. No, I think it depends on the person.
    3. All the jobs are suitable for women.
    4. All the jobs are suitable for man.
    5. Yes, I don´t know why, but it´s true.
    6. Yes, although things are changing.

  20. David


    2-it depends
    3-they can do what they want if they like that job
    4-the same
    5-I think this is disapearing, nowadays they are the same.


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