The penalty points driving licence system

Do you have driving license?
Do you think that the new system of sanctions is effective?
Should punishments be harder for this kind of offenders?
Is it neccessary to increase the number of traffic agents to increase the effectiveness of the system?
What do you think is the biggest danger on our roads?
What should be done when offenders don’t even have driver’s license or are foreigners whose points can´t be substracted?


15 thoughts on “The penalty points driving licence system

  1. Pablo


    – Yes
    -I think that it’s too early to probe the efectiveness of the system.
    -I think that driving under alcohol effects should be rudely punished.
    -Yes, I think so.
    -I think that the biggest problem is that a lot of people conside himselves as Fernando Alonso. People is not enough afraid of th danger of the road.
    -If you cause a damage in the road and you don’t have your driver license I think that the State must avoid you from taking your driving license. I you are a foreigner I think that spanish law have to stablish a system of punishments for foreign drivers.

  2. Ana

    1.- Yes, I do
    2.- Yes, I think it´s a good way to prevent accidents
    3.- Depends on the traffic offence made
    4.- No, it´s a personal issue, but the presence of traffic agents on the road
    make people be careful
    5.- speed and drink driving
    6.- 1-dont’t let drive at all
    2-make them accept the traffic rules we have in our country, independly if they are from our country or not

  3. Mónica


    1. Yes, I do.
    2. I think that it could be effective, but only the drivers can change really the situation.
    3. Yes, of course.
    4. It could be a solution, because most of drivers behave in a different way when they are.
    5. I think the biggest danger are the people who don’t have respect to driving and to speed.
    6. To establish a specific law to these cases, thanks to which they could be judged as the other people. But if they have no driver’s license I think they shouldn’t be able to take it never again.

  4. virginia

    – yes
    – I don´t know, but the true is that i notice when a go for the highway people go slower than before.
    – People only feel punished when they have to pay an amount of money. So… It is not enough harder. You put in risk your life, ok, but don´t put in risk another innocent lifes
    – yes, because people is more respectful with the pressence of an agent.
    – high speed and obviously people who drive drunk
    – a harder economic fine. ( even prison if the fault is very seriously)

  5. Belen

    2-I am not sure yet
    3- yes
    4- not really
    5- people who are drank driving and the ones who drive at very high speed
    6- every country has their own rules about traffic and points will be taken whoever you are, and the offenders spend sometime in jail

  6. Marta

    Age: 18
    Gender: female, because the number of accidentes is almost higher than before

    3.Yes, maybe it will reduce the number of accidents

    4.No, i don´t think this is the solution

    5.The high speed

    6.make them to pay a high fine

  7. Lydia

    – 18
    – Female

    1. Yes.
    2. I don’t think that’s the solution.
    3. It depends on the sanction they commit.
    4. Yes.
    5. High speed.
    6. I think that the State should avoid you from taking you driveing license. If you are a foreigner, a harder economic fine.

  8. Eva

    – 25
    – Female
    1. Yes, I have driving licence.
    2. No, I don’t. As we can listened on the news, during the Easter holidays there were approximately the same number of dead people than before the system come into force.
    3. Yes, I think so.
    4. Yes, an increase of traffic agents would help to increase the effectiveness of the system.
    5. The main dangers are roads in bad state, people who drive at high speed and/or after having a drink.
    6. In the case of drivers who don’t have licence punish them without allowing obtain the licence during a reasonable period of time. In respect of foreigners fine them according to the offence they have committed.

  9. Lorena

    – 30
    – female
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Yes
    4. Yes, but may be we need more education
    5. People think that they will never have an accident
    6. Depends on the fault but if it is a very serious fault they must go to the prison

  10. Paula

    – 18.
    – Female.
    1. Yes, I do.
    2. I don’t think that is the solution.
    3. Yes, I think so.
    4. Yes.
    5. High speed and alcohol.
    6. Make them accept the traffic rules we have in our country.

  11. Carmen


    1. Yes, I do
    2. Honestly, I don’t think it’s making much of a difference
    3. Yes, in my opinion they should
    4. Rather than the number of agents I think what we need is the will to enforce the law.
    5. speeding and driving under the influence of drugs
    6. I think this a very serious matter and offences that put lives at risk should be treated as attempted homicides

  12. Anuka

    – 23
    – female
    – yes
    – at least is something..
    – depends
    – yes
    – speed
    – they should pay a big sum of money

  13. Alejandro

    1.yes depends on the traffic offence,if lifes of other people are in risk absolutely yes
    5.the own roads and the old cars which aren’t so prepared as the newest
    6.send them to prison and in the case of foreigners after put them free send them back to their country and don’t let them enter in spain for years

  14. David

    1- 18
    2- male
    3- no
    4- yes
    5- yes
    6- no, radars are more efective
    7- speed and drive in being druged or drunk.
    8- they will have to pay, i don’t know


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