immigration in Spain

The purpose of this report is to present the findings of a survey into Spanish people thoughts about immigrants. Since 1999, Spain is the European country in which more immigrants arrive. In 2004, for instance, and according to a United Nations report, one out of every three immigrants in the European Union arrived at Spain.
Spain has changed from being a country of emigrants to be in the last decade an important recipient of people coming from other places.
Besides these immigrants are also in fact more diverse. At this moment there are people who come from 53 different countries living and working here ( the vast majority from Morocco, Ecuador and Romania).
The foreign population in Spain is composed, in general, of young people in their thirties who come here looking for a job to improve their lives and their families´ situation.
Foreign workers in Spain are nowadays four million people, this is about the 9,3 per cent of all the workers and actually this figure is increasing, but, should we worry about it? What is our opinion?

The survey´s data gathered from a group of 50 Spanish citizens reveals that although almost the whole population is not really worried about it, everybody agrees with the idea that more control should be exerted by the Government. And well over 80 % think that illegal immigrants are a big problem. Rather surprisingly, they think too, on the other hand, that immigration is necessary to do specific jobs, because a lot of the jobs existing in Spain, mainly in agriculture, are considered too hard and badly-paid by Spanish people.

The vast majority of people think that the crime rate has increased in our country due to the massive arrival of illegal immigrants to Spain because until they find a job here, they are forced in many cases to steal in order to survive.

A few years ago, there was a controversial case in Spain, about a little girl of Muslim beliefs and family who went to school wearing a veil covering her face, something that the principal and her teachers, didn’t want to allow. Almost all the people interviewed think that immigrant people have to accept our customs while they are living here, even though we have to respect them.

In conclusion, immigration is necessary for us, they help our economy and work in jobs that Spanish people don’t want to do, the problem is that they are very badly-paid and work in very bad conditions, and this should be changed, for that reason we need a situation more controlled by the Goverment.

We have to accept immigration because Spain has always been a country of emigrants.


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