The purpose of this report is to research how people’s habits in relation to the cinema have changed.

The information was collected from a group of 20 students (14 female and 6 male) aged 18-32 from this English Class. Interviewees answered an on-line questionnaire that consisted of six questions. This report is a short analysis of the results of the questionnaire.

The first part of the survey is about how new technologies (DVD, the Net…) have changed our habits when we decide to watch a film and the second shows people’s preferences. The majority of students interviewed said that they prefer watching a film at home. It seems that they wait until the film is released on DVD to rent it. Although cinemas are well equipped with the latest technology and accommodate most customers (specifically children and people with disabilities), they prefer relaxing at home to watch them. In contrast, a very small number of interviewees (just two) answered that there are films that are worth watching at the cinema, like big productions or Science Fiction films. They thought it is a different experience from watching at home.

Well over 55% said that they go to the cinema several times a year, while 35% said that they go once a week. The main reason given for this was mostly the price. Those interviewed reported that cinema is quite expensive and it was generally agreed that the price continues to rise. In contrast, a small minority felt that the price was fair because of movie production costs. However, others felt that is was not cost effective to bring your entire family to the cinema.

Apparently, people prefer going with friends and their partners. Not many of those interviewed would go with their family and a significant minority would go alone.

Almost all the people interviewed said that thrillers, dramas and epic movies are their favourite genres, while their least favourite were fantasy, swashbuckler or sci-fi. If we distinguish between women and men, it was clear that men like more action and epic films while woman prefer drama and thriller.

When people choose a film, they reported that the most important factors are actors/actresses or reviews followed by a good plot. The survey shows that the favourite Spanish directors are Pedro Almodóvar and Amenábar nowadays whereas others chose Tarantino and Woody Allen as the best. Something similar happens when you ask about a favourite actor/actress, foreign actors like Mery Streep, Robert De Niro or Richard Gere take the lead.

In conclusion, the survey suggests that cinema audiences are decreasing in number every year, the main reasons are the high price of the tickets and the convenience of the DVD players. It also appears that people prefer American films rather than Spanish films.


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