Teenagers are rebels


The aim of this report is to present the opinions of a survey into male/female opinions about teenagers these days. The information was collected via a survey of 18 students ( 12 female and 6 male) aged 18-32 at Mieres School of Languages. Students had to answer a questionnaire.
A part of the survey dealt with how teenagers behave nowadays compared to 10 years ago and who can be the responsible for their behaviour. The vast majority of the students agreed that teenagers are more rebellious nowadays than before and the majority said that the responsibility for it is both of the parents and the society as well for giving them too much freedom. A small number of female opinions said that the main problem is the circle of friends that may be a bad influence.
When I asked these students if teenagers have any respect for other people, it appears that a small number of them said there is no respect at all while many of the female students said that it depends on the person and teenagers at this age think they are the kings and queens of the world.
Almost all the students said they believed that education is a vital point for these kids but on the other hand , they said education is not believed to educate them because it doesn’t do its best.
The last part of survey asked how teenagers will be in 10 years time, almost all the students agreed that they would be worse unless society changes.
My conclusion is that this survey suggests there is a problem with teenagers nowadays where everyone is partly responsible (parents, friends, society, education) and if none of them do something about it, in the future instead of having healthy teenagers, we will have little monsters that will take over the world.


One thought on “Teenagers are rebels

  1. theathinker

    You article is interesting. I liked the opinion you gave out there. But I suggest that maybe teenagers that act rebellious are merely doing it to see what is right and what is wrong. If they make the mistake, they’ll know not to do it again. If they are rude to someone, they will leave a bad impression and will learn to do the right thing next time. It’s all about discovery. That’s why teenagers seem to be “little monsters” when infact they have no idea what they’re looking for and are just trying out a few things.


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