Beach Party

Eastbourne Pier

Some years ago, I was spending my summer holidays in Eastbourne. I was doing an English course with people from all over the world. At that moment, I was living at my teacher’s house as I was in the student exchange programme: I attended classes four days a week and the rest of the week I could do whatever I wanted. One weekend I was invited to a beach party at ten o’clock. I knew something about parties in England. You must be on time and you should bring a present to the host. I was wearing my best but casual clothes and I caught and early bus. I was bringing with me a beautiful t-shirt for the host. When I got on the bus I realised there were many people that seemed to be going to a party, but not a beach party, but an elegant one. The bus was really crowded and very hot. I tried no to fell asleep, but finally I did. When I woke up, what a surprise! I was still on the bus and nobody else was there. I was alone and it was already eleven o´ clock! The party! I got off the bus at the next bus stop and I started to run as fast as possible. When I arrived at the beach, everybody was wearing smart clothes, and I faced that with a smile. But the worst would come later when I realised I had left my present on the bus! What a terrible day!


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