music in the street

The purpose of this report is to present the findings of a survey about the role of music in people’s lives. The information was collected from a group of 23 students (15 female and 8 male) aged 17 – 38 at Mieres EOI. Interviews were conducted using a written questionnaire and answers analysed for significant similarities and differences.

The first part of the survey dealt with the importance of music in people’s lives and their musical preferences. It was generally agreed that music is very important in our lives, they think that it is so important that it is part of them and an essential part, to be precise, because they can remember things that have happened listening to a song. The vast majority of them listen to all kinds of music while a very small number of them have a specific taste in music. It was generally felt, that they choose the music they listen to depending on their mood.

Almost all the people interviewed said that they feel embarrassed when they sing in public and in a musical group. In contrast, the majority of them enjoy singing in the shower, with their friends and in a concert, provided they are not the singers of the concert.

None of these students belong to a fans’ club, but well over 90% thought fans’ clubs are fun and there’s nothing wrong with them while just under 5% find them stupid. Apparently, most of them do not spend much money on buying CDs, going to concerts or merchandising because there are other alternatives and they are expensive, but a small minority of the students spend money on CDs and concerts if they like the singers or to feel the experience of a live concert. Seemingly, students do not have a clear answer about whether nowadays singers are more marketing products than artists, well over 90% think that it depends on the artist, some of them sing very well and do not need anything else, but others use their physic to sell their music, but under 10% have a clear idea that they are marketing products.

In conclusion, the survey suggests that music is one of the most important things in our lives although people do not spend much money on it because they prefer to download music or to resort to other sources. They sing in many situations, but they feel embarrassed about singing in public in front of strangers. It also appears that there is no clear distinction between marketing products and artists, each person has his/ her own criteria which are not widespread.


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