Reading in a foreign language


The aim of this report is to outline whether people are keen on reading books in foreign languages. The information was collected from a group of 19 students (6 males and 13 females) aged 17 to 35 at the EOI in Mieres. The answers were analysed in order to find out similarities or differences between men and women, using a written questionnaire on the net.

On the one hand, the vast majority of the female students polled said that they like reading this kind of books and they make an effort as the try not to use the dictionary although some of them can’t. They think that the reading difficulty depends on the book. All the females interviewed support the idea of reading books is both a question of knowledge and a question of entertainment, however, some of them read these books as a habit and the other half read them because they are compulsory.

On the other hand, hardly any of the male students like reading these books as they are compulsory for them. Same as females, they believe that reading these books is both a question of entertainment and knowledge. There is and agreement, none of the males use the dictionary but half of them think they are difficult to read without it and the other half believe that depends on the book.

In conclusion, the survey suggests that maybe there is equality between men and women apart from their own points of view, almost all of them think the same. It is also important to mention they think that reading these books help us to understand other cultures.


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