Are you a good driver?


Everlasting is the battle of sexes in the matter of driving. I am sure that everybody has wondered sometime who are better drivers, men or women. If we analysed our behaviour when we are driving, we could see that we all commit infractions. The information was gathered from a group of 17 students (12 female and 5 male) aged 18-38 at Mieres EOI. Interviews were conducted using the net and answers analysed for significant similarities and differences.

Almost all the people interviewed consider that their driving attitudes are safe and cautious. However, the number of infractions committed everyday is increasing and they can vary depending on the sex of the driver. According to the infraction ranking elaborated for this report, men obtain a better score (80 points) than women (70 points).

Comparing both sexes, the research reveals that 70% of the women accelerate when the traffic lights are in amber, 40% do not stop at the zebra crossings, while the 35% confess that they do not observe the speed limits, exceeding them frequently. Figures which contrast with the results for the men: 40%, 20% and 20% respectively.

According to our research women have more accidents than men, although these accidents are not important, the reason is that women usually drive around the city while most men drive in the highway where the speed is higher and the accidents more serious. Apparently, most of the females interviewed were not fined whereas one of each four men has been fined or has lost some points from his driving license.

In conclusion, the survey suggests that men are more respectful, cautious and have better behaviour when they are driving. However men are fined more frequently than women, and have worst accidents, which can explain why driving insurance is cheaper for women.


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