Do men and women share the housework?

sharing housework

This report aims to present the findings of a survey about housework (preferences, skills and responsibilities).
The information was gathered from a group of 21 students of English (5 men and 16 women) aged 17-40 using a written questionnaire on the Internet. Then, answers were analysed comparing male and female comments.
In many ways the situation is not very different from ones to others.

The vast majority of women stated they do some kind of housework (only one admitted she did no household chores at all) being making the beds and dusting the most common chores among women under 25, whereas those who were over 25 included cooking, ironing, washing and hoovering. However, when they were asked about their favourite chores, fifty per cent answered it was cooking, being ironing what they disliked the most.
On the other hand, most of the men interviewed also stated they do household chores (only one of them said he did not do any), being making the beds the one all of them do at home, and ironing the only one they never do.
As far men’s favourites, sixty per cent said they preferred cooking whereas twenty per cent preferred making the beds and the other twenty per cent preferred vacuuming.

Regarding the question of who does the housework better, very few of the women interviewed, just eighteen per cent, agreed they do it better than men. Also it was generally felt that the way you were brought up encourages you to do it better or not.
According to the men’s answers, all of them stated they are as good as women at doing household chores and only twenty per cent of them added there is a connection between upbringing and better aptitude.

Both men and women seem to agree housework must be shared, although the reasons they give are not the same.
According to women, thirty one per cent said working out of their homes was the main reason for sharing; twenty five per cent said it was a question of mutual respect; eighteen per cent said they could do the household chores faster that way (by sharing); and thirteen per cent claimed it was the right thing to do if both members of the couple owned the house. Other reasons given were couples must share bad and good times, or that we are living in the 21th century what means “a new age” has began.
As far as men are concerned, forty per cent stated mutual respect was the main reason for sharing housework, being living together, living in the 21st century, and doing it faster, the other reasons they gave. It is surprising the fact that none of the men put working out as the main reason (as it turned out to be in the case of women).

To sum up, the survey suggests that the gender of the interviewees influences their preferences about housework chores.
In addition, it appears that there is not a widely held belief in the connection between how both sexes are brought up and their better skills for doing the same chores.
Besides, both men and women are aware of their mutual responsibilities in sharing chores, although they don’t share the same opinion about which is the main reason for sharing them.
From my point of view, things are changing (hopefully) and men have taken more responsibilities, but governments should encourage them more to take part in all aspects of family life (sharing household chores included).


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