Simple plan new album is coming soon

Simple Plan is a famous Canadian pop-punk band. Since 2002 they have already released two albums and now the third one is coming. Although they are semi-punk the topic of simple plan songs is usually around love. But they also touch other topics such as society or friends.

Their first album was called “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls” and it is one of my favourite CD’s. It has 3 great songs and the est are nearly as good. One of them, “Perfect” talks about a son who has fallen out with his father.

The second album was called “still not getting any”. It wasn’t as brilliant as the previous one but it is also good. My favourite song from this album is “Crazy” because of the melody. Some of the songs in this album have a powerful rhythmic base* while others are very slow and calm.

They have also participated in the soundtrack of Scooby-doo 2 with the song “Don’t Wanna Think About You”, and have performed cover versions of songs by other groups like Bad Religion.

This third album will be called as the band, “Simple plan” and we’ll have it in stores on the 29 January the next year. By now, we can listen to the new single “when I’m gone’. Perhaps they aren’t a popular band but I think most of you would like some of their better singles.
I post the song for you to enjoy it 😉


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