"Amaranth" by Nightwish

This is another of my favourite songs.
It is the second single by the Finnish band Nightwish. This group was born in 1996 when friends of Tuomas Holopainen (Tarja Turunen –the vocalist-, Erno Vuorinen and Jukka Nevalainen), grouped together as an acoustic project. They got known in Finland by the recording of a CD with 7 demo songs, which turned into a best seller. Since then, the band has become one of the most popular bands in Finland.
But in 2005, Tarja, the vocalist, was ejected from the band because she recognised that she didn’t get on well with the others. The Nightwish Fans got very annoyed because they thought that Tarja’s voice couldn’t be replaced. But in May 2007, they introduced the new vocalist: Swedish Annett Olzon.
The first recorded CD with her voice was “Dark Passion Day”. “Eva” was the first single from that CD, but I think that “Amaranth” is the best song in it.
This is the cover of the Amaranth’s single:

And this is the cover of the “Dark Passion Play” CD:

This song is based on a picture by Hugo Simberg: ‘The Wounded Angel’ (‘Haavoittunut enkeli’ in Finnish), which is about a wounded angel who has fallen near a river and is found by a couple of fishermen fishing in the river. They want to help the angel so they put up a wooden stretcher and carry it through the countryside and farm lands. This scene is observed by all the people the fishermen pass by. They reach their house and try to cure the angel but something happens and, suddenly, a fire breaks out outside the house but the angel comes out of the house as if it were a miracle. Interspersed with the story, in the video, we can see scenes of the band playing the song.

This song got to the top of the charts in Finland (obviously), the United Kingdom, Hungary and Spain. In Sweden and Denmark, for instance, they reached the fourth position.

As this band makes Symphonic Metal music, I would only recommend it to people who like this kind of music, but even if you don’t, I’d recommend it too, because I think you’ll like it.

In my case, I don’t really like metal music at all, but I f ell in love with that song the first time I listened to it.

What do you think of it?


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