Global Warming: our planet is in serious danger

Today I’ve received a beautiful mail from a friend of mine, it was about “The Antarctica”, one of the most beautiful places in the world, whose surface is frozen all throughout the year. And suddenly I remembered a documentary film, “An inconvenient truth”, in which Al Gore, an environment activist who has been vice-president of USA and has won the Nobel Peace Prize and recently the Prince of Asturias award, shows the effects of global warming. The film got an academy award last year.

In the documentary, Gore calls for a reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases and he warns of the consequences that global warming will have in the world. The main effect of this “climate crisis” is the fact that in a short period of time (perhaps decades), the frozen places in our world are going to melt and increase the sea levels, which will destroy our nature and create a lot of devastation all over the world.
He is against some people who consider global warming as an insignificant problem, and he gives a lot of examples which show that nature catastrophes have been increasing in the last years.

The documentary is focused in Gore’s travels around the world, and contains many sequences related to his own life, because for Gore climate problems are human problems, and if actions are taken, the effects of global warming can be reduced and our children, the future generations, will live in better conditions.

We must pay attention if we want to preserve places like this:

If you click here you can see the trailer of the documentary:


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