Globalisation can be defined as the global increase of exchanges of any kind between countries: goods, people, and even customs that make countries tend to an economic, political and cultural convergence.

Although is a well known term, many people usually think of its economic aspects, forgetting the religious, political and cultural aspects of the word.

Loads of people leaving their homes every year in order to look for a better life in Western Europe or the U.S.A, unequal distribution of wealth, loss of our own customs… elimination of borders and customs duties between countries, medical attention outside your own country, people speaking the same language: all of these are the two sides of the same coin: globalisation.

That’s why globalisation is so controversial. As everything in life it has its pros and cons. Many people think is the best option for the future and support it, while others fight in order to abolish it. They are called antiglobalisation groups

Globalisation is now part of our society, whether we like it or not, and soon we will get used to it, soon we will be part of the “information society” too.


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