Rolling Stones concert


Hello, I´m going to talk about the best concert I have seen in my life and probably the best I will ever see. It was the Rolling Stones’ concert in San Sebastian in June 2007. My story with this concert began a year before, in August when I was travelling to Valladolid in order to see a Rolling Stones’ concert and my aunt phoned us and told she had heard on the radio that the concert had been cancelled because Jagger had a hoarse voice, it was really disappointing and I was really, really sad, because I had been waiting for that moment for a long time and I had the tickets since March.

But this year, when I heard that they were coming to Spain I didn´t think it twice and I bought the tickets for the concert in San Sebastian. While I was waiting for the day of the concert I was worried, thinking about the possibility that this concert could be cancelled too, because everybody knows that they are in their 60´s and remembered what had happened with the four Spanish concerts of 2006.

Fortunately, nothing happened and the Rolling Stones appeared on stage playing Start me up after the spectacular presentation in the really big screen. The stage was enormous and all the lights, the effects, the fires were great. After the first song they played some less famous songs, and after that they went to the middle of the stadium and they played four songs there, it was fantastic because they were really near the people. They played one of their most famous songs Satisfaction, and after this all their great songs, Sympathy for the devil, Paint it Black, Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Women and the last one was my favourite one, Jumping Jack Flash.

The show was marvellous, and although they are old and a lot of people criticize them, Rolling Stones are, together with The Beatles, the best band in the music history.


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