Soccer violence

Sport is good; this is something that everybody knows. And football, in Spain, is something spectacular. If you want to have a drink in a bar when Real Madrid, Barcelona or another important team are playing it is impossible, because everybody is watching the match. Football, in Spain is sacred…so what is the problem?

Violence. Nowadays, there are many groups of radicals who often make football very dangerous. But this is not only in Spain, obviously, it happens in other countries. For example, a few months ago, in Argentina, a father had gone to a match with his little son, and one of them was murdered. They were only watching a football match, but it was the last one. Lately, in Italy, another incident took a policeman’s life. Unfortunately, stories like this happen very often, but why?

I think that rivalry is one of the reasons which can origin this facts. When people are watching a match, they change completely, and they only think: “we have to win, we have to score a goal”. In this situations, if someone says something you do not like….the problems start.

It is very sad, that you can not go to watch a football match calmly. I watch a lot of football matches, but I enjoy them even if my team loses. I am sure, next time we will win.

Finally, the police should be careful in football matches, because they could be wrong and hurt an innocent.


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