"Time goes by"

I usually listen to the radio every morning. A few weeks ago, I heard the testimony of a boy who phoned to a radio station to share his problem with the audience. He explained that he was obsessed with time.

I felt absolutely identified with that boy’s troubles: I am always under the impression that I run out of time. For instance, when I am at work I look very frequently at my computer’s clock and I always get shocked by the speed at which the minutes go by. Days, weeks and months go by terribly quickly.

Obviously, since that morning when I realised that I was obsessed with time, I spend much time thinking on that and I found a large advantage: minutes run away as fast as they can, so I never feel bored in the office; days pass so fast that the weekend is always near and winter is never too long.

On the other hand, I found a drawback bigger than the advantage: I feel as if I were all day working without free time and weekends and summer holidays are too short!

To sum up, I really think that time is the most valuable thing. Do you imagine what is the most awful saying for me? “Don’t hurry, you have all the time in the world”. I find it really disgusting because it’s not true!


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