World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) or The World’s Biggest Lie?


Nowadays is very common to see lots of children fighting like they were professional fighters, despite of being playing “normal” games like football or basketball. Well, you could think that it is a fashion and that in a pair of weeks they will forget about it. Honestly, I don’t think so.

It is true that almost nobody had heard about it until channel four bought its rights in order to broadcast it. This program started like a show for the real WWE supporters, at first they broadcasted it at night so children weren’t able to watch it, but as soon as they really noticed that its share was really low, they started to repeat the episodes ( I ‘am going to call it episode because I can ensure that they have the best actors and actresses over the surface of the earth) in the mornings in order to fill a vacant place in their morning schedule. But despite its previous bad results, it turned out a real hit.

The key to success was that repetitions were on Sundays so the children could watch them without any problems, furthermore they scheduled the “ episodes” just before one of the most successful cartoons at the time , Dragon Ball, so lots of kids were watching TV, they were waiting for another Dragon Ball episode but they couldn’t watch it because there was a new program with lots of men that were all muscle ( and from my point of view, very little brain, but what can we expect from an American program?). Well, the kids started to ask their friends if they had seen those “amazing and surprising” fights between authentic “warriors”.

Well, this wouldn’t be a serious problem, because nowadays there are some programs on TV which should be banned because of the way of life they are showing to the kids. But this program is different, you can only see a show with “warriors” fighting as if they were Romans gladiators fighting for their survival on a wild world. They can do the more difficult movements, they can give the hardest punch you have ever seen in your whole life, but you need not worry because nothing bad is going to happen to the other “warrior”. They only bleed when they want to go on holidays, then 6 months without preoccupations, they only have to be fit when they come back and having a thirst for vengeance against his “sworn enemy”. This is the thing that really worries me, that kids can’t notice it, so they “play” it with his friends thinking that nothing can happen, and here is the problem, then they break an arm or a tooth. But nothing would happen because they will keep on watching it on TV, so they will continue “playing” it.


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