About Christmas


photo by krisdecurtis

Christmas is a very important  date for we meet with our family. We have lunch or dinner with all the members of our family, some of whom we can’t see frequently and it’s at this special time that we meet all together.

Christmas has a negative connotation, too. Actually, it is the time to spend a lot of money in food, presents… etc. Shops have made a very important business out of Christmas shopping.

All prices go up in relation to other times of the year. People spend a lot of  money (even more money than they earn)

It is at Christmas time when we try to share and give something to poor people. This is called the Christmas spirit, but in fact is just hypocresy try to give only at this time. The real spirit of solidarity is when a person shares all that he has got, not only at Christmas.

And…. What about Christmas carols? We can hear them in all streets, in all shops… and we try to sing them too.

And decorations? All big cities are ornated with enormous Christmas trees, lights and other typical things. This is very attractive for our eyes, making us buy in an compulsive way.

But in fact this is a special time for me and I like it very much, although if you think a lot about Christmas , you can see all the negative and positive aspects.


One thought on “About Christmas

  1. Adri

    I agree with you in everything!!

    I think we all know the ‘positive’ aspects of Christmas, but what I hate most is that all shops rise their prices a lot! My mother always says that it’s better to go out to buy things when Christmas has finished, because everything is cheaper. And it’s true!

    I couldn’t believe when I read in the newspapers the piece of news which said: “prices will get 10% (for instance) higher than last year”. I think that one day we won’t be able to afford the bread… I’ts incredible!

    But, in spite of this “negative” aspect… I love Christmas. I like it because we can spend it with our families and people give you things as a present (I think this is the best). And if it snows… It would be perfect! A White Christmas would be the best thing on earth!

    So… don’t let the prices get us down… let’s enjoy Christmas!

    Merry Christmas… and a happy New Year, too!!!


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