Learning in the 21st century

Communication technologies have improved a lot in a few years. However, I think people nowadays already know how to live and work with all these new computer services. Maybe the next step would be to look for applications in traditional services as it happened so many years ago with the industrial revolution.

It’s not only how to adapt the education, is how to adapt everything including human relations.

But how can we improve the educational system with new technologies? First thing is to have enough infrastructures for that and after that we need to fix what we need to learn and how.

What I’m trying to say is that is a duty of the teaching professionals to find what is better for students, what is more they should be the first ones to learn how they can apply all these new possibilities in class and in education.

In my opinion today it is easier than ever to find information about anything but not for specialist knowledge. Some people say that today we have too much information so it is more important to know how to choose the essential one. Also I want to say that the car doesn’t bring us the path or the road, we have to find it by ourselves.


One thought on “Learning in the 21st century

  1. ana

    I’ve liked very much your last idea, the thing that with the new technologies we must find the road ourselves. I agree that this is one of the risks that internet can have, that we get lost in the middle of nowhere and we don’t know how to quit.

    One film maker, Gonzalo Suarez, said once that for him the Internet was like a deep hole, in which he felt terribly alone. And he added: in spite of this, I couldn’t live without it.

    As far as I know, almost everybody is fond of the Internet or use it for working or having fun. The problem, as your comment says, is that we have the resources, but sometimes we don’t know how to use them. Or what is worse, we use them badly. What teachers must do is select the most important contents that should be taught through the web, and throw away the ones that are harmful or just not useful for our students.

    Every historical period needs a time for adjustment, for setting its knowledge. Our period is in a permanent change, everything in our lives is constantly moving, and education is a part of our society.

    Well, even if the Internet and new the technologies can be a risk, as somebody said, “no risk, no fun”.


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