New technologies and education

Nowadays, the Internet is very useful in many ways in our life. And, of course, so it is in the learning aspect too. New technologies and specially the Internet have changed the students and the teachers’ role.

Now, students have the facility to get almost every lesson done in class entering special pages on the internet; that is, in my opinion one of the most important changes in education thanks to computers. However, I don’t think the situation has changed inside the class, because, most of the times, things are told and explained as always.

Everything is on the Internet, so, when a learner has to do a project, this is the most commonly used method. And, very often, when the student has to give it to the teacher, the work is sent by email or uploaded to a web.

In engineering studies, for example, technologies and computers are so important that almost every subject needs knowledge of a computer program.

On the other hand, I think that traditional teaching will never die, because a computer or the Internet can’t explain, for example, a math problem or a grammar question. And, of course, a good teacher and a big blackboard are the best ways to learn.


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