The development of technology

Nowadays we are constantly in change. Different cultures, a better way of life and the development of technology have had an important role in this change.

Using technology is very common in our days, everybody has a computer, an i-pod, incredible TV’s or mobile phones that can do a lot of things… People think this development of technology is good, but is it ?

The use of computers in our daily life has brought with it a lot of advantages. On the one hand, we can communicate with people we don’t know, we can search information about everything at every moment or in some cases, computers do the same job as a person.

But on the other hand, we can also think in the disadvantages. For example, communicating with someone on the net is a good way to meet people, share opinions or talk about anything, but with the passing of the years we are losing the traditional way of communication: talking with people face to face without being hidden behind a computer.

Moreover, technology has helped us to have more advanced economies or lifestyles, but it is also making poverty more present in the poorest countries.

In these days, learning how to use a computer is very important, if you don’t know how to use one it is as if you were illiterate.

Since their childhood, kids are being taught how to use computers. Computers are part of our educational life. For example, at university most people have a laptop because they can write faster or share information more easily.

I think it is important to use technology but without losing the traditional ways of communication. Technology has been created to improve our life not to destroy it and it is very important to use it properly.

To sum up, I think technology is a proof of human development and all the things we can do with our intelligence and enough resources.


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