Education and the Internet

Life has changed a lot in the last years. When I was in high school, the Internet was just a baby, so, I used to study using real books, big encyclopaedias, and I used to do school projects by hand. Only at my third university year did I manage to buy a computer. Until this moment, class notes were handwritten. Now, teenagers think that what is not on the Internet doesn’t exist. The most common way to do your homework is the copy-paste system: I search for it on the Internet, I copy the paragraphs I need and I paste it on a word file. It doesn’t matter whether I haven’t read the rest of the article or whether the web site is trustworthy. I have got a pair of sheets to give my teacher and it leaves me time to watch television. School books are revised by teaching specialists, but, who revises the Internet contents?

People have to learn to learn, that is, we must search things by ourselves. One of the biggest pleasures in the world is reading, but nowadays hardly anybody bothers. I think it is a bit sad. Today, I still prefer to read a book or an article on paper rather than on a screen. I work with computers every day, when I arrive home, the last thing I want is to switch on the computer. I prefer to have a break, to read a book, to listen to music, to walk …
On the other hand, the Internet has been a big amazing discovery. It has been a giant step for society. You can communicate with people from all over the world. There is no distance, if you have family or friends far away, you can contact them trough the net. You can obtain all kind of information and entertainment. Also, many things can be managed on the Internet, so as not to waste time or money. Work management has improved too thanks to the Internet. This English class is a marvellous way to learn as well. It has been an immense help to me. I am learning to cope with the blog and all the good resources inside it. This English blog is a wonderful learning system, and it makes learning English easier for all those that don’t have enough time. I suppose that is a new age in education, and, if it is well-used, it can bring education and resources closer to everybody. But, the question is not to lose your own capability to think, we can’t be spoon-fed for ever. We have the obligation to teach the younger generations the “life outside the worldwide web”.


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