'Code to Zero' by Ken Follet


Code to Zero by Ken Follet is an exciting and interesting thriller.

A mysterious man wakes up in a public toilet. He has been sleeping on the floor of a men’s room, what has happened to him? He can’t remember anything about himself: his name, his life…He has lost his memory. He realises that he’s being followed and he must find out who he is and why he is being followed. All is connected with the reasons why the launch of the first American space satellite “Explore I” was postponed due to “weather conditions” (although it was a sunny day). What happened? Who was this man? The answer to this and many more questions will be revealed if you read this interesting book.

Ken Follet is considered by his readers as one of the best writers in the world. He has written a lot of books like “ A Place Called Freedom” “The Third Twin” (which was taken to the cinema), “The Man from St Petersburg” … a huge list of books, of which the best known is “ Pillars of the Earth”. I recommend you to read some books by this author.


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