Education in our society

Nowadays, education has changed a lot. In past times, children had strict discipline and respected their teachers. They considered a teacher as a person who owned the knowledge and that he/she was a very important person in society. However, nowadays pupils are very bad mannered and they don’t respect their teachers. I think that this problem is because in their houses the parents don’t have a good impression of the teacher, they always prefer believing their children are fantastic, instead of facing the facts (in the case of problem children).On the other hand it technology has got to play a very important part in our society an specially in education. Internet has become an important working tool. I think that this is very important because now we have computers and Internet in the classroom and this aspect can be very interesting for our pupils that can find information about the subjects that they are studying, and also some educative games. But I think that it is very important to control what our pupils and children are doing on Internet because there are some negative aspects that we all know.


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