'The Listerdale Mystery' by Agatha Christie


Agatha Christie, the most famous writer of mystery novels in the world, titled this novel like the first of several short stories of mystery and suspense.

The Listerdale Mystery is the first of the 12 stories in this book. It tells the story of a window and her daughter and son who are in a bad financial situation and they are forced to leave their house and look for a cheaper one. They find and very big and cheap house with butler. At the end they discover that the butler wasn’t a real butler…

Philomel Cottage tells us the story of a woman in her mid-thirties who has a normal life and a close friend called Dick. Two events happen suddenly. A distant cousin dies leaving her an important amount of money, and the other event, she meets a man at a friend’s party and falls in love. A month later, they get married and they go to live to Philomel Cottage, a pretty cottage. Her close friend Dick is furious and warns her that she knows nothing about her new husband…

The girl in the train: George, a mild young man is sacked from his job in a family city firm and decides to travel to Rowland’s Castle. In the train he knows a mystery girl who is running away from his uncle, and he helps her. She gives him a parcel to guard safely and she tells him to keep an eye on a small dark bearded man. George follows the man and books a room in the same hotel…

Sing a Song of Sixpence, The manhood of Edward Robinson, Accident, Jane in search of a job, a fruitful Sunday, Mr. Eastwood’s adventure, the Golden Ball, the Rajah’s Emerald, Swan Song, are the titles of the rest of the stories in this book. In all these stories people aren’t t who we think they are, in all of them there is an unexpected end full of mystery.

In my opinion, this is a strange Agatha Chirstie’s novel that tells us different strange stories with amazing but very strange endings.


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