‘High Society’ by Sarah Mason


Clemmie Colshnnon has just arrived from a round-the-world trip and is working as a waitress in a small café in Cornwall (England) after having lost her dream job and her boyfriend at the same time.

In the middle of this chaotic situation takes place a nail-biting “detective” story that involves her whole family.

The credibility of the exceptionally well-drawn characters makes the improbable story absolutely believable. Clemmie and her family become as familiar to us as our neighbours, making us feel as if we were playing part in the amazing events, laughing our heads off with a read plenty of hilarious situations. The book is written in a truly easy-to-read style that grips every kind of reader.

High Society hides behind a dull title a very recommendable book for lovers of the simplicity of a page whizzing story.

The next is one of my favourite dialogues:

‘Barney, what on earth happened? Why did you hit that man?’

‘I thought he was being electrocuted. He was holding on to the electricity line which went into the café and shaking all over.’
‘So you hit him with a chair?’
‘A plastic chair. Yes’
‘He was cleaning dog poo off his shoe.’
‘Was he? Well, he was doing it pretty vigorously.’


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