'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' by Janet K Rowling


The latest book I have read in English is “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”, the seventh part and final book in the saga. I like very much all Harry Potter series, so, I prefer reading these in English. Harry Potter is a young wizard, he is an orphan and, in previous books, we have seen him grow and get started in the complexities and problems of adulthood. He begins at Hogwarts, a wizardry school, and discovers an exciting new world. These books show us the evolution during seven years, all the changes in the characters.

There are many deaths in this book, because at least six characters die in it. And, also, others are tortured or hurt. The bad character, Lord Voldemort, has infiltrated in Hogwarts as the Ministry of Magic. Wizards and Muggles (non-magic people) are horrified. Magic people are choosing sides for the war. Harry is surrounded by friends who help him to fight against Voldemort. His best friends, Ron and Hermione, are the other main characters in book. But it is a book with many characters and it is a bit complicated to follow all the stories. Harry, Ron and Hermione are searching for the missing Horcruxes (secret magical objects in which Voldemort has hidden parts of his soul, these objects must be destroyed by Harry, if he wants to kill the evil lord). It is a dark battle, not only with the “baddies”, the Death Eaters, but also with fear and despair, like an awakening to the difficulties of life. The rest are a compilation of the earlier books: potions, invisibility cloak, flying motorcycle, house-elf, wands, post- owls… Of course, also Quidditch, the magic sport (a sort of flying Hockey).Harry also begins a journey to his own past, he returns to the house where his parents died, and he learns a lot about his family and the Dumbledore´s family history. He must think about fraternity and independence, about his weaknesses. We can discover how many characters have hidden aspects to their personalities.

J. K. Rowling has created a world with a particular language (what I find more difficult about these books are the strange words used in them), and she has come full circle in this volume. The epilogue shows this world 19 years later, but we can not tell anything, because I don’t want to reveal the amazing end. Harry Potter’s world is a place where the ordinarily mundane and the marvelously surreal coexist, it is a world where there is also love and hatred, and people die. It is like a reflection of the real world, and it has suffered a strong evolution since the earlier books, getting darker and more adult.

However although this book has been heavily criticized, I still admire the story. Harry Potter has become very popular and it has shown the pleasure of reading to many young people (and not so young). I have enjoyed the whole story of Harry and his mates and teachers; I have felt involved in the entire adventure. It is a very amusing book and good English practice .


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