Lesson plan for 17th April

I’ve been procrastinating lately. I haven’t written any posts in the past lessons category since … March 31st! And we have had all our lessons since, let me make that clear for those students of mine that haven’t been in class. The thing is that we have faithfully followed the book these days, so we are now finishing module 7, all right?

Today we are in the ICT Lab and we’ll do first a series of interactive exercises to revise some Use of English: inversions, passives, conditional sentences, wishes and regrets and after all that work, a song by the Lighthouse family.

After that we will start the writing project for this term: writing a report. As I told you last Tuesday you have to think of a topic you want to research. Then you write six questions in relation with the topic. Try to write the questions in such a way that the possible answers are just a few: yes/no questions or if that is not possible you could give several options so that the interviewees just have to choose one. Before your six questions ask for the age and gender of the interviewee, these could be useful when you have to analyse the data. You then post your questions in the Surveys category.

Once you’ve posted your questionnaires you will have two weeks to answer everybody else’s. You’ll have to answer all the questionnaires that are published not just the ones by the people you know from class but also those by students in the other group. The deadline for answering the questionnaires is the 1st of May. From that day you will have until the 15th May to write the report with the data you’ve gathered.


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