Thank you!

Our Bloggin’ away has been awarded a prize in II Premio Espiral edublogs ’08. I feel honoured and I’d like to thank Asociación Espiral for the initiative and you, my students. This prize is yours as much as mine because this blog wouldn’t exist without you, so congratulations to you all!


16 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. laura

    I knew that our blog was very good, and i am proud of it!
    Thanks a lot Carmen!

  2. cfosorio

    congratulations!, Well done!. People like you, encourage us to study. You have changed my opinion about english lessons. Thank you very much.

  3. Javier

    I’ve just found out, Carmen! I must be the last person to know. My warmest congratulations and a big pat on the back from “saludin” man. You guys certainly deserve it.

    Way to go!!!

    A big hug,

  4. Marga

    Hi Carmen!

    My warmest congratulations to you and your students. This is no doubt a deserved reward to your hard and excellent work.

    Keep going this way. It’s the right one, for sure!!!


  5. Mª Jesús

    Congratulations for this prize!
    It was just fair that you got it, cause your work is superb.
    Good for you and your students!

    Mª Jesús


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