Food today

Photo by Schrollum

During the last years we have seen how everything has changed incredibly. Cars, clothes, technology… and also of course our food habits, including the food we eat and how we eat it.

At home:
Some time ago, all meals were tenderly prepared by mum. All members of the family ate at home every day and it was no common going out for dinner. Almost all the food in the cupboard was fresh, and it was really strange seeing junk or frozen food at home.

Nowadays things have changed a lot. In spite of the fact that young people prefer living with their parents rather than on their own, they do know how too cook (they know how, but they don’t cook).

It’s not the only change. Now we all have dinner out at least once a week, or we get the food delivered just with a phone call. Much easier, much more expensive.

People now also tend to say they don’t have any free time, so it’s not really difficult to find someone having breakfast while standing up, or having lunch in their cars. Snacks have also replaced the classic meal.

In the supermarket:
If we think food at home has changed, the places where we buy it do not fall behind.
To begin with, in the1960’s and early 1970’s it was strange to see a big supermarket. People used to buy in small grocers’, butchers’ and fishmongers’, while now we buy in big malls where you also can buy your clothes, your bike, or even your laptop. Obviously you have to go by car to these places. (Much more expensive again)

You can also notice the change in the products. The words “diet” or “sugar free” are written everywhere, so you don’t feel guilty while eating your hot dog with a coke.

Fast food:
The fast food industry has developed enormously. McDondald´s, Burger King, Pans & Company, Quick, Pizza hut, Telepizza, Pizza movil… you can find a fast food chain almost everywhere. The thing is you can find people eating this class of food everywhere. Donuts and other bread rolls are also replacing the traditional “Spanish” sandwich. All these things together are making obesity increase among the population (specially children) and it is now called the XXI century illness.

As we see, food and food habits have changed through the years, and us with them. Enjoying food and enjoying eating is much easier now. Food from everywhere just around the corner, thousand of recipes just with a click… it only depends on us to start cooking our own food, so our mums will be very glad. We don’t have to forget that a good meal and our health are not incompatible, even more if we “season” it with a pinch of exercise.

About all this we have explained, our interviewed students have quite a similar opinion.
One hundred per cent of them think that our food habits have changed through the years, and of all them agree with the idea of lack of time as the main reason for all these changes.

They also agree in saying that they hardly eat junk food, and they also deny eating in fast food chains. Almost everybody likes food from other countries.

The only thing there is some disagreement about is the question of cooking your own food. Only 5 out of 12 prepare their own food from time to time.

In conclusion, our interviewees eat properly, without much junk or frozen food, with no fast food chains, and some of them, even prepare their own meals. I don’t really think our students are a good example of society today concerning this topic, and at first sight they have a healthy lifestyle.


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