Sleeping Habits

Photo by driki

This report consists on a sleep survey. The information was gathered from a group of eleven students aged 18-37 at Mieres EOI. Interviews were conducted using a tipping questionnaire from the net. Firstly I analyzed their sleeping timetable. It surprises that the earliest hour to go to sleep is at 23.30.There is nobody who goes to sleep before that time. Over half of the interviewees go to sleep later than 23:30.The top hour is one o’clock at midnight. Most people get up around 7 o’clock in the morning without taking the weekend into account.

The vast majority needs to sleep between 7 to 8 hours at least to get enough energy for the following day. But the results show that only one person gets his expectations. The rest don’t sleep the hours needed. This implies they often feel tired throughout the day. That’s why they admit to sleep at other times; the whole group sometimes takes a nap when they are in their last legs.

Talking about the places where they sometimes go to sleep in: While travelling, half of them can sleep in the car or buses, and the same number can also do it in the train. In the relaxing time everybody fell asleep while watching TV and 80% liked sleeping on the beach. Nobody has ever slept in a party but a few have slept at the cinema. Asked if they had ever fallen asleep while talking to someone only one person said yes and another two have once fallen asleep during a class. The most interesting question of the research has been asked satisfactory: no one has ever fallen asleep while driving. That’s so important!

Among the things that people often do when they cannot sleep, almost all of them prefer listening to music or the radio than accessing the Internet. 60% fancied switching on the TV and only a very insignificant number ate or drank something. Those who think in peaceful scenes to try to sleep are women. Even if they find it impossible to sleep they refuse to take a pill to sleep like a log. In conclusion, no wonder most people feel tired if they go to sleep so late cat night.


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