Gender Equality Law: positive or negative?

Photo by -Kj

The purpose of this report is to present the findings of a survey into male/female opinion about the gender equality law. The information was gathered from a group of 10 students (9 female and a male) aged 18 – 39 at Mieres, Fifth year of English with a written questionnaire on Internet.

The vast majority of the interviewees think that gender equality in companies shouldn’t be compulsory. It’s significant that the youngest people (who represent 30%) in this survey think that companies should have the same number of women and men while only a person says that it mustn’t be compulsory but companies have to tend to equality.

50% of the people interviewed say that woman are not always well paid, it depends on the job and they think that men are best paid than woman in most of the jobs. Another group says men are best paid in private companies because men are in the highest positions in the companies.

Most people think that women can do the same jobs as men but they add that in some cases there are some jobs that are harder for women for example jobs that require more strength.

All of them think that if they had a company, they would prefer to have the most valuable people rather than the same number of women and men, included the 30% who answered “yes” to the first question.

Over 60% think that is more difficult to find a job for a woman. They think nowadays, women don’t have the same opportunities to get a job.

In conclusion, the survey suggests that the gender equality law is not the solution to the differences between men and women. All of them think that the most important thing is to have the most valuable person in a company and not the number of women and men, so this law makes no sense; above all if we think that 90% of the interviewees are women,

In my opinion, nowadays, with this kind of laws men and women could be discriminated. For instance, why can’t a company have the best candidates for a job? Why should a company have the same number of women and men if the best candidates for that job were women? So I think that there aren’t any differences between men and women and we don’t need this kind of laws, women have the same knowledge and skills as men, so they don’t need help to get anything in their life, they can get it on their own.


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