How does music influence your life?

The purpose of this report is to present the opinions people have about music. The information was gathered from a group of 10 English students aged 18 to 37 at Mieres EOI. Interviews were conducted using an on-line questionnaire written in the blog of the school and answers analysed for significant similarities and differences.

All people interviewed listen to music when they are at home or when they are travelling. The most surprising thing we could get from the interview is that 10% of the people listen to music when they are sleeping. In addition, 20% of the people say that they are listening to music all the time.

We know that there are lots of types of music. Six out of ten people prefer pop and rock music instead of other types such us dance music or folk music, which was only chosen by one person. Moreover, they have added more types of music, such as Latin, Electronic, or Punk Music.

Some people can’t decide whether to choose one singer/group as a favourite, but they prefer groups than single singers. A very small number of the people have chosen a male as a single singer.

Most of the people prefer English as the language to listen to music. Only 20 per cent decided that they like listening to it in both languages, English and Spanish. But, in contrast, more than the half of the people interviewed like some Spanish artists, although in general they also think that the Spanish music is very commercial.

We all know that we use the computers to talk to people, to surf the web and to download music and, surprisingly, 40% of the people still buy CD’s! In contrast, 60% haven’t bought one for a long time. They download it because it is faster and cheaper, which is obvious.

In conclusion, the survey shows us that people are really hooked on music, they are listening to it all the time and like a variety of types. They like some artists and groups and know very well what to listen to.


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