Are you fond of the Internet?

photo by striatic

The Internet is the world’s largest library. It’s just that all the books are on the floor

John Allen Paulos

Internet was born in 1992, and nowadays there are 155 million of pages throughout the world. The most important features of Internet are that it is open to the whole world, and it contains a lot of useful information. However, it can be disorganized and sometimes it seems to be difficult to classify the information.

Lately, a new concept of Internet is consolidating, social networking (also called web 2.0), which includes the collaboration between users, who share the information on line and can have conversations and exchange information. This kind of social internet includes blogs, wikies and sites to create social networks, like Facebook or My space.

For our report we have asked about the Internet to 10 5th year English students (aged 18-37) at Mieres School of Languages. In the first question, about how often they used Internet, a vast majority (7 out of 10) answered that every day, and only three said they used Internet sometimes. The second one was about the main purpose of using Internet. Here all the students agreed that it was for searching information and most of them chose also the use of mail, leisure activities and chats. 1 out of 10 added the use of internet for downloading things and for reading the news.

When asked about the advantages of e-mails over traditional letters, all the interviewees answered that the two mains advantages were that messages were received instantaneously and that it was possible to attach all kind of documents, including videos or images. Furthermore, two of them pointed out that e-mails were cheaper and personal. Finally, 1 out of 10 said that e -mails were very easy to use.

Our next question was related to Facebook, one of the social sites in Internet. Only three people knew what it was, three of them were familiar with Facebook, and one said that she had an account, but that she didn’t use it very often.

In the report we wanted to know also if the students thought that in the future books will disappear due to internet. 7 believed that though internet is being very important lately, books will not disappear, because a lot of people prefer reading printed books, it is healthier and easier to read printed books than reading them on a screen. In addition to this, books will be always necessary at schools and people always want to have physical things. In contrast, three people said that in the future books could disappear, as they might be considered antiques and people will try to save the environment by avoiding the use of paper.

The last question was more personal, the students had to write their favourite web pages. Two of them answered they didn’t have any favourite pages, and 8 agreed that Youtube and Google were their favourite or more used. Another pages that the students wrote were tuenti and Hotmail.

In conclusion, the survey shows the influence of Internet in our lives and our work, and it is evident that most people use it frequently for different purposes.


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