'Deception Point' by Dan Brown

Deception point is a scientific and political thriller written by Dan Brown, one of the most famous writers nowadays. Dan Brown was born in the United States of America on 1964. Deception point was published in 2001 between his two best sellers Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code.

The plot turns around Rachel Sexton, the daughter of the leading Presidential candidate Senator Sedgewick Sexton. He has won this advantage at the elections by criticising the NASA failures and all the money that have been spent on those failures. But Rachel doesn’t get on well with his father and she is working for the president at the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office). One day she gets an unexpected call from the president to meet him. The president Zach Herney wants her to go to the Arctic because the new NASA satellites have made a breathtaking discovery that can change the whole history of the earth and can cause important changes in the battle to reach the White House. But something goes wrong with that discovery and she would have to battle for her own survival with other scientists, while they are trying to show the truth to the world, versus The Delta Force, a team trained to kill without asking why. Fighting adversity she will find real love.

The characters are really well-drawn with all kind of detail. The book is full of unimaginable twists; nothing seems what it really is. The plot is nail biting and it compels you to continue reading. Despite of being a scientific and political thriller the language is accessible for almost everyone. At first there are lots of abbreviations but you can quickly get accustomed to it but on the other hand the author explains to us at the beginning of the book that some of this abbreviations for organizations like NRO, The Delta Force are real and that all the technologies that he uses in that book really exist so we have the chance to discover a bitter more from that ‘hidden’ world that surrounds us.

In my opinion, if you have liked the other books by Dan Brown you would like this one too. The book has such suspense and the chapters are so short that I consider the book unputdownable. It’s a book that really absorbs you and is very difficult not to think about what’s going to happen next.


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