About jobs

Photo by wageslaves

The purpose of this report is to reveal the results of a little survey into people’s preferences in reference to their job. We have obtained the information from a group of seven people, six female and one male. Their ages are between 23 and 39 years old. They were given six questions about their jobs.

In the first part of the survey, people were asked about their current job and about the correspondence between their studies and their present job. Almost 60 % think that they are working in their best possible job, and only the male says that his job is not according to his studies. Four out of seven explain that they could be better paid.

In contrast, only 25 per cent want to change jobs in the near future. Rather surprisingly, there is a female that only wants to change her place of work, not her job. Only a very insignificant number said that they would like to have studied something else. Seemingly, the vast majority of interviewees are happy with their jobs, they like their jobs.

In conclusion, this survey says that most of the people are pleased with the work they are developing, and, although their jobs could be better paid, they do not want to change jobs in a near future. Also, it shows the tight relationship between your studies or/and training and your professional career.


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